Version History

  1. Version 3.8.4-3.8.6 April 1, 2023
    Added: Ability to create letters inviting New Members to be sworn in.
    Backup: saves to C:\isalutebackup
    Installation: installs in C:\isalute membership software
    Please, Copy your current table to this folder
    Corrected: Age Calculation in Birthdays details, re-calculates before report
    Added:In Grid screen added button to go to More Info page to add draw numbers to new members.
    Other: miscellanous changes

  2. Version 3.8.2 July 2022
    Important: Installation now installs in under iSalute Membership Software
    Copy your database (AddressBook.mdb) to the new folder.
    Backup: Backup on the computer is now found in folder c:\iSaluteBackup.
    Change: Extend description of Export for different options
    Added: New Password dialog box. Shows *** as password is typed.
    Added: Address Export by Expiration Date
    Added: Calculate Ages when database is updated.
    Added: Birthday Report with Details includes age.
    Corrected: Pressing ENTER key has screen jump to first record in database.
    Now stays on current record.
    Other minor changes

  3. Version 3.7 October 2021
    Field Added to Record Auto Renew registration with DC and New Report to display/print list.
    Report “Beyond Current Year”. With members allowed to renew for 5 years, report will list those people.
    More members are renewing ‘On Line’. Suggestion: Receipt # for payments should start with DC e.g. DC123876.. to indicate paid on line.
    lines were added to Master Card to record more payments.
    New Button on member Payment Screen to display/print Payment History for member displayed.
    Report for Single Member. Program wanted to list all members. Removed from Reports Menu and Button on Entry Screen to display/print that individual’s information. Added Export (CSV) for Active Emails (import into spreadsheet)
    iSalute will now calculate the current age of active members, if age format mm/dd/yyyy is in the age field. Age will be listed in Birthday Report - Details.
    Options to print comment on envelopes. Example: “Membership Sticker Enclosed”. Text can be added/edited in “Edits” Menu.
    New Report: “Members Age Range”. Used to Report members over 80 or members in their 20’s.
    minor changes!

  4. Version: 3.6 December 2019

    Changes Minor: Some description on Buttons
    Change: Export Members (Description now Members Info - active) limited information exported to CSV file.
    Added: Paid by Branch report 'as of date'
    Added: Other Phone number to Individual Report
    Added: Date format (dd/mm/dd/yyyy) to paper to Membership Registration
    Added: Button on Grid Screen to go to Payments without having to go back to Entry Screen.
    Change minor: Pop-up Calendar moved closer to 'Date in DATABASE or Transfer In' and 'Membership Expiration'
    Corrected: Report / Misc / emails - Heading incorrect. Now shows as Name not a category.
    Added: new field VETYN. Since not all Ordinary Members are VETS, this allows those members who are Vets to be flagged. Choices: VET or blank.
    Report change: Display Report with the change above will display VET next to name on Ordinary choice, if flagged in database.
    Added: New Export option of Phone Numbers and Emails of active members for use of email campaigns.
    Added: New field for Bad Info. Allows users to flag bad addresses or phone numbers and report on them through the Reports Menu / Lists-Misc / Bad Info for Active.
    Change: Email button next to Email address on Entry Screen can be used to send email by taking the user to email website such as

  5. Version: 3.5 June 2019

    Many changes and re-design but the same functionality as before with a few changes.

    Menu change order: View (Entry Screen / Grid)

    Main Screen is Welcome Screen (if password used screen shows underneath Input Dialog for password)Password Prompt allows user to type in password and press ENTER on keyboard.If Password not used the Welcome Screen show and user can click 'Continue' Button or Ctrl+G on keyboard.

    Enlarged Screen 1024 x 700 pixels and larger Font Size which allowed movement of items on Entry Screen and easier reading. Important areas of screen highlighted in Blue. Example: Date of Birth, Membership Type, Legion Dues, and Years of Membership. Also, button to Calculate current age.

    Buttons for changing screens called 'Welcome Screen' or 'Entry Screen'.

    Database now includes 'KNOWN AS' field for list where Members go by a variation of Given Name or nick name such as Known as 'Gerry' with Given Name 'Gerald' or Know As 'Beth' with Given Name 'Elizabeth'. Shows on Name Board Report.

    Birthday list shows First Name, Last Name sorted on LastName,First Name.

    Some screens had a navigation bar at bottom of screen which were not needed.

    Short renewal Notices - changed format of contact info to put LastName, First and indent.

    List/Email Report - added Active Date column so new members emails can be spotted easier.

    New Members: Separated Email and phone new member reports.Add note lines to phone list for new members.

    Renewal Notices now include 'By Phone' of expiring members i.e. still active status but not yet renewed. 'By Phone' includes line for notes when calling members.

    Added Hint 'Use Ctrl+G' to Continue button on Welcome page.

    Draw number (list) add report for Expiry Date to list draw numbers expired.

    Add Report Member by Years Grouped by Membership Type.

    Altered Menu by adding report above and moving Honours and Awards to just below Membership Years.

  6. August 2018 Version 3.2

    Minor Title change Report 'Members by Type Summary' changed to 'Membership Summary'. Added to the form Sections for New Members, Re-instate for prior Members, Transfers (In / Out), Deceased Members. Use the Reports for New Members (and Re-instate), Transfers, Deceased to get information.

    Added Editable Table for Types of Service under Edit / Military Service Types. Becomes available when editing Member information.

    Transfer Form is now populated with Branch Information.

    Honours & Awards / Offices Held Detail Routine now uses Date Lookup Button to enter Dates.

    New Members Report will now prompt for Display or Email List. Display would be for reporting and Email List for Web Master or communications officer.

    On Data Change screen, now use one Drop-Down field/button to pick the reason for change. Change Reason can now be edited through Edit Menu option.

  7. Version 3.1 January 2018

    Help File Edited with changes

    Added Envelope Size 5 7/8" x 9 5/8" - Catalog Size Use: Sending Newsletters with option to Print Return Address or NOT (PRE-printed return address).

    Report / Dues Level - Current Report (group or all). Report used to verify dues being paid or adjust dues.

    In Menu, Edit / Global / Dues Adjustment. Adjusts all members dues based on current dues level i.e. $45 to new dues level i.e. $50.

    Added: Group choices to Inactive Report. Useful for former members including Vets

    Added: On Reports / Payments / Name Order / field: YearPaid (String 5). Used for Early Bird Draw to determine year paid for.

    Change: Offices Held, and Honours and Awards grid read-only so user must use Add or Delete Button.

  8. Version 3.0 June 2017

    Version 3.0 is here. Listening to our users (thank you Branch 91 BC) I have added the ability to Add Honours and Awards details (award and date received).

    I have also the ability to add details of Office Held.

    The boxes for these details remain but I suggest you use them for summary information. If you have details in the boxes, take time to covert to details. Reports have been added for Honours and Awards, and Offices Held.Information is also a part of the Individual Report.

  9. Version 2.9.2 March 2017

    Copied code used on NEW button to Menu: Edit --> Add

    Datachange : reason for change will focus on field to edit

    Correct backup routine to USB drive. Will give message is drive is not valid. Messages would suggest backup was complete even though it was not. Path is always enabled now. e.g. easy correct of drive letter e.g. from e:\ to f:\

    Changed: Province Lookup to show Abbr and Name, Records Abbr in field

    New Tables for Offices Held and Honours and Awards. More Info screen now has general comment (old field) and a 'Details' Button to enter details. The ADD buttons will prompt for information.

    Reports added to print list for Offices Held and Honours and Awards. Individual Information report now includes Offices Held and Honours and Awards (if they exist).

  10. Version 2.9.1 January 2017

    NEW Added: Menu --> Help --> Visit Website

    Added: After signing over 100 renewal letters I have added the ability to use Signature image (optional) How: Create by Scanning an image then using Menu --> Edit --> Branch Page import signature graphic for printing signature on reports requiring signature. Leave blank if you don't use this feature.

    Added: Last Post notice calculate the age of Veteran for printing on Last Post Notice. Cancel Date (deceased date must be entered first)

    New: For those using isTransmit software, now able to run isTransmit program from within iSalute as well as isLetters from the Menu File --> isTransmit How: copy or install isTransmittal and its database (transmittal.mdb) to the same folder as iSalute. iSalute will check to see if it exists in the same folder as iSalute and runs if it is found.

    CHANGES: Change: Filter 'by SQL' on Menu -->Filter --> by SQL Correction: Magazine spelled correctly Re-Worked: Data Change screen e.g. Drop down for Reasons moved and other items. Change: Description of Menu --> Forms --> Master Card / Sheet Edit: Slight changes to Last Post Notice form.

  11. Version 2.9.0 October 2016

    Notice: Version 2.8.6 - 2.8.9 not used. Now 2.9.0

    New: Changed: Default Sort Order is Alphabetical for database records. The order was the same order records were created, e.g. LF,OR,etc

    Added to Main Screen:
    1. Magazine choices - English, English w/ French Insert and None i.e. dropdown box
    2. Privacy Statement changes Yes/Oui or No/Non (select using button )

    Reports: by Request -found under List - Misc. 1. Magazine choice - a) None b) English or English w/French Insert or if blank. 2. Privacy Choice a) No/Non or b) Yes/Oui or blank

    Added: Drop Down Box for selecting Reason for Change on Data Change screen. Options: Change of Address, Deceased, Transfer, Change of Member Type

    Changed: Internal Notes now uses Button to open window to enter notes

    Corrected: Mastercard Active Date field(BranchJoined field shows in Date joined in error.)
    MRF menu to prompt for Date if left blank.

    Moved: Past Due Labels under Expiration to Labels memu.

    Changed: Group by Member Type Submenu Names Only and Details.

    Menu description change: DC Register Compare from DC Register Check

    Moved: Group by City under Group by Member Type

    Improved: New updated Help file with extra features described.

    Other minor changes.

  12. Version 2.8.5 June 2016
    1. Updated: Help File
    2. Important Changes:
    3. Added: Backup Dialog box to allow for saving backup to USB Drive or other directory on hard drive. Saves path.
    4. Added: Password Option. Under Branch Info indicate Use of Password and Password text. (Don't forget it. Write it down.)
    5. If program uses a password, you will be prompted for a password. If a password, is not being used the program will display the entry screen as usual.
    6. Added: Ordinary Members Service Report
    7. Added: Quick Envelope - Ask for Forwarding Address then prints envelope. For occasional envelopes.
    8. Added: New Reports under List - Misc - Next of Kin (Deceased and Active) Example Use: to invite Veterans and family to special events
    9. Minor Changes:
    10. Added: To Grid View screen Check Box field to Filter Active members or all (in database)
    11. Added: Draw Number Column to Grid.
    12. Updated: Last Post Notice for Legion Magazine.
    13. Improved:
    14. DC Report has option to print by Member Type or All. Will return to Options. Use Done to finish.
    15. Name Board Report menu. Will return to options. Use Done to Finish.
    Tip: Regarding Temporary Member Number, use Grid View and click on Member Number column to sort look for your code e.g. NEW0424

  13. iSalute developed from 2012 to Present

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