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This website contains information and help to Royal Canadian Legion branches. Starting with software, iSalute Membership Software, there is help to maintain and report on membership records.

iSalute Membership Software

New Version 3.9.5

See Version History for all changes.

iSalute Software is a database system to record and maintain Royal Canadian Legion membership records. Multiple reports including Membership Lists, Payment Reports for submission to Dominion Command, Honours and Awards reports, etc. Prints forms necessary to submit to Dominion Command.

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Let us prepare an import file for you

We can save you hours of inputting names. Just request a CSV or Microsoft Excel file of Members details from Dominion Command and send it to us. For $50 we can create the file for you. Then, just use the import feature of iSalute to import 16 pieces of information about your members. You will have to do some cleanup i.e. mark active members, payments, etc.

From: Brian Robinson
Re: iSalute Membership Software.

Dear Fellow Member,

Let me introduce you to my software. I approached RCL Branch 594 in Tecumseh, Ontario to ask if they used software to maintain their membership records. The answer was 'No'. So I offered to develop the software for their needs. After months working with the software helping out our membership chairman, I thought I should offer it to other Branches. (Update: I did such a good job I am now the branch membership chairperson so I use the software on a regular basis) Here is a picture of the Main Screen.

iSalute Membership Software Screen

Working from Main Screen

You enter the member's information here as well as interest in volunteering at the Branch for a REPORT you 'run' later. You indicate the date of first entry into the database so you can report on 'New' members. You enter the Expiry date of membership usually end of year. You use this date to print a list of current members or past due members. If you have deceased members, you would mark them inactive and deceased and print a new list of deceased members. By unchecking the Active Members box at the bottom you can see the total number of records in the database (active and inactive).

Enter Additional Information

Click the following Button to add or view more information about this member.

Add More Information Button More Information Screen

Record Payments

Payments button

Use this button to enter payments.


Finding Member Record

Quick Find (Ctrl+F)

Quickly find a member by Membership Number,First or Last Name. Finds first occurrence. If not the one you want, use key F3 to find next occurrence. Repeat if necessary. If there are no more, you will get a message about not found.

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