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Membership Managment Software for Royal Canadian Legions

   isTransmittal Software

  Administration aid to submit per Capita Tax to Dominion Command.

isTransmittal Software Version 1.3.1

isTransmittal Software is for Membership Chairpersons to submit their dues to Dominion Command for processing.

Price: Only $29.00 + HST

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Detailed Help File included.

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isTransmittal Software helps Membership Chairperson prepare and submit dues to Dominion Command. Reports can be recalled to review previous submissions. Report can be printed to indicate number of submission by date and category.

Main Screen isTransmit software

How to use isTransamittal Software.
  1. Print Payments by Name using iSalute
  2. Use the List to determine number of new/renewals
  3. Use iSalute software Reports/Payments Report/By Name Order to get list.
  4. Use NEW button.
  5. Transmittal Number increases by 1 and Today's date is inserted and Branch Info.
  6. Select Qty field and type number of memberships being renewed.
  7. Use PICK button to select Full Year, Half Year, Third Year.
  8. Software focuses on 'For Year' field.
  9. Rate and Total should be filled in.
  10. Click [+ Add] button to copy line to grid below.
  11. Click SAVE button any time.
  12. Repeat #5 to 8 for other types of renewals, if necessary.
  13. Use PRINT button for Transmittal Form.
  14. Sign and make 2 photocopies (One for Membership and One for Bookkeeper/Treasurer).
  15. Put Return Cards, Transmittal Form and Cheque in Pre-printed Envelopes.
  16. File your copy of Transmittal Form with list of Members who paid in folder marked ' Pending Return'.
  17. Receiving submission back from Dominion Command. Check our names with names processed. Attach to our paper work and file in folder 'Submissions {year]'.

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